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Welcome to our Documentation Hub. Here you'll find all the information a whitepaper would normally have, along with live project and treasury management updates.
JPEG Morgan (JPG) is The People's Hedge Fund - a tokenized gateway to professional capital management, spanning the most promising sectors of the crypto space. We are a collective of DeFi investors, builders, farmers, and jpeg enthusiasts, bonded together with one purpose: advancing beyond the concept of FaaS (Farming as a Service) and providing the community with a truly diversified offering: Investing as a Service.
We've built a team capable of rapidly identifying the best opportunities for profit, not only in the yield farming sector, but also within the NFT market and promising blockchain infrastructure projects. Individually, attaining great skill or knowledge in any of these areas is immensely lucrative, but each require a serious expenditure of time, constant monitoring, and active networking in order to maximize one's profit. However, each of these sectors remain of high interest to investors due to the abundance of profitable opportunities.
We provide round-the-clock capital management services to the treasury, which is funded by the tax paid on transacting with JPG. The profits from the treasury are returned seamlessly to the holder in the form of a dividend, which can be claimed in ETH or compounded into JPG.
Collectively, these three industries within the cryptocurrency space provide different forms of return, from different sources; thus shielding the treasury and the JPG user's returns from market downturn in any one area, while maximizing our profits by never missing an opportunity.
Learn more about how JPEG Morgan aspires to change the world of DeFi, and consider the rationale behind our investment thesis in the sections below:

Getting Started:

To interact with our protocol, and other decentralized applications, you'll need a MetaMask Wallet. Check out these simple guides to get set up, and learn the basics of DeFi/Yield Farming:

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